Hello, June

June is the month to be a busy bee. Although it’s my holidays there seems to be a constant flow of things to get done for school, church, friends, family. But it is a good thing, I tell myself, especially since I have the tendency to get really weepy when I am void of tasks during the holidays, start to feel like life is meaningless and all that kind of nonsense.

Since my church’s children’s camp is over, it’s time to get back to this business! And next up to do is the photoshoots, for which I will require my darling friend, Ger. Ger has received a mountain of my cards over the years and she has been my cheerleader and critic throughout this process of building up the shop. Forever thankful for a friend like her.

After the shoots are done, this site will be a lot more interesting I promise. (gets really excited)



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