Goodbye, June

So June is passing swiftly by, with only a few minutes more remaining. This period is sprinkled with family events with my parents’ anniversary and birthdays all squashed into a few weeks. But that’s all over now, and again I’m trying to focus on what I hope to call my work very soon– drawing, painting, formatting, writing, cutting, and the works.

Drawing and packaging the postcards come naturally for me, but logistical and administrative stuff do not. So these few months have pushed me out of my comfort zone and into things I thought I could never figure out, let alone manage. But thankfully, I’ve been all the more prayerful, and I’ve found so much love and help in the dear people around me. A good friend of mine used to nag at me about how growing comfortable and avoiding the wrestling matches with the unfamiliar are bad things to do. And I try to remember that every time I have something strange to me sitting at my feet, like keeping accounts, or setting up a website.

Orders are coming in now, giving me one of the best highs in the world. And it’s a little ironic, but I always feel a tinge of sorrow having to part with the cards I’ve painstakingly drawn, cut, corner-cut, stamped, and packaged. It’s like I’ve prepped them for this long journey and new ownership they are going to face. But they will be well as they serve their purpose. And I know it sounds like marketing pishposh, but I really do hope that every single postcard and the scribbles it delivers induces some sense of joy in their recipient.

In the time I’ve spent writing this post the clock has passed twelve. Hello, July! And goodnight, everyone.

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