Happy Birthday to TPP

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It’s been about a year since The Press first started up, and it’s been a blast. Not that I’ve been earning loads of money, but I’ve learnt quite a bit.

Recently I’ve had the privilege of interning at Ethos Books, a wonderful publishing house with heartwarming people. There, I was allowed to work mostly on illustrations and designs for books, publicity stuff, and whatever else was needed. I had a useful and meaningful time exploring the breadth of what I can do with my interests in illustration and literature. And for this I am so grateful. These are people I want to work with for as long as I can. Yes, cling on like a barnacle! Kind and genuine people are precious.

Looking at the path that continues after university is pretty scary just because it’s so unclear to me. But I will be honest and say that I am considering becoming an illustrator, which means that I will work on The Press and other design endeavors full-time. Whenever I think about the future Postcard Press I get so carried away, planning to take on events and make invites, posters, wrapping paper, and other gift stationery– to expand the range of products and services. And I imagine having a family and a home of my own at the same time. These are dreams I have, and I have had many before that didn’t quite work out (vet, speech therapist, the list goes on.)

I still have a year ahead, and during this time I plan to keep building up my portfolio and take things as they come. I guess I’ll just say it here, that if I do manage to become a (reasonably sustained) full-time freelance illustrator, and if I manage to expand The Press in future, that would be a dream come true.




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