Make it New!


In case you haven’t noticed / are here for the first time (in which case, hi!), our website looks a little different. The Press’ website has been simplified and made MANAGEABLE. Yes, manageable is the word! Let me explain.

The Postcard Press is what I like to call a petite stationery store. It is run mainly by me, Aggy, with the help of my care bears i.e. fiance and friends. More pertinently, it exists because I am passionate about creating things that delight, things that connect people. Many times running The Press involves strenuous hours of art work, tedious web updating/fixing, and rushed meet-ups with customers. Also, because we are a small bunch, we often cannot go for bulk purchases and thus absorb a lot of cost on things like packaging and postage, as opposed to profiting sizably like larger chain stores. We are a modest little business makes tiny steps forward in growing and expanding.

So all that means, I don’t have the time or capacity to tend to a complex / problematic web interface, or hire a web designer. (I figured this out after months of bewilderment at this thing called technology.) And we will keep things simple so that we can carry on making stuff for you guys. We are small, but we can dream! <3

You may also notice changes in our artistic direction this summer. Although come to think of it, the new rustic themes are somewhat autumnish. But hey, we are Singapore-based so that doesn’t mean anything to us since we know no four seasons! Along with the rustic look, our logo is a tad more whimsical too. And lastly, we are featuring more calligraphy in our designs, because the way words look should make you feel something too.

It’s my hope that TPP can branch out into more custom projects, such as invitations, posters, logos, and the like. If you’re interested, go click on our custom page now and tell me!

So here’s to small businesses fueled by passion and sustained by perseverance! Personally, TPP is an opportunity that I really thank God for. And to every sweet person who has encouraged us with praise and cheers (some of you strangers!) a big warm cuddly thank you to you too. Much love, guys!



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