Here’s to our Mommas

thanks mom

The funny thing about being a designer is that my mother (with whom I still currently live) gets to see my Mother’s Day cards way in advance, when they’re printed and stocked in my house. This means two things– that she will be expecting a different card, and that I will feel like I should surprise her with a different card. On top of that, I have been making her super special cards since I was knee-high; it’s a tricky tradition I unknowingly set in place throughout the years. But thankfully, Mom being mom, she’s never been ‘disappointed’ with anything I make for her, even if it’s simple due to my busyness. It’s just ironic that the card-maker sometimes has trouble obtaining a card for her own mother although a sea of cards surrounds her. I wanted to use a picture of my hand-calligraphed card to her for this post but, she took it along with her in her handbag to show people LOL!

On a more reflective note, I used to think that mothers don’t really savor the attention showered on them in the form of gifts and cards, since many mothers are so practical and sometimes jaded towards all the trouble of event planning and gift buying– tasks they’re usually burdened with. But I’ve felt a sort of newfound empathy towards people who work hard and sacrifice for those they love. It’s likely because I’m engaged, and constantly learning how to more genuinely and deeply act selflessly for someone I’ve made a commitment to. Any form of gratitude or reciprocation shown by the cared-for party means THE WORLD– it brings fulfillment. So this year, I made time to get that little gift, flowers, and card for my mom and my future mom-in-law. And I made it a point to put aside those flaws that us children so willingly hold our moms to, and tell these women how wonderful and beautiful they are. There are certain things that make a person profoundly beautiful, and one of them is investing a tender heart in another human, with no guarantee that any love will be given in return.

Here’s to our moms. And to those who have left us. “She shall be praised” -Proverbs 31:30

<3 Aggy

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