NHG Bazaar! 

I had a lovely time at the National Health Group Bazaar today, meeting new vendors and customers. It warms my heart to hear customers mention that they thought of someone who would like this or that design. One of the joys of card-writing is that it is an exercise in thinking for and connecting with others. It’s an effort, and one that matters! 

To the encouraging and endearing people I’ve met today: I’m so glad I met each of you! Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words of support, and may we meet again! 

Here’s to our Mommas

thanks mom

The funny thing about being a designer is that my mother (with whom I still currently live) gets to see my Mother’s Day cards way in advance, when they’re printed and stocked in my house. This means two things– that she will be expecting a different card, and that I will feel like I should surprise her with a different card. On top of that, I have been making her super special cards since I was knee-high; it’s a tricky tradition I unknowingly set in place throughout the years. But thankfully, Mom being mom, she’s never been ‘disappointed’ with anything I make for her, even if it’s simple due to my busyness. It’s just ironic that the card-maker sometimes has trouble obtaining a card for her own mother although a sea of cards surrounds her. I wanted to use a picture of my hand-calligraphed card to her for this post but, she took it along with her in her handbag to show people LOL!

On a more reflective note, I used to think that mothers don’t really savor the attention showered on them in the form of gifts and cards, since many mothers are so practical and sometimes jaded towards all the trouble of event planning and gift buying– tasks they’re usually burdened with. But I’ve felt a sort of newfound empathy towards people who work hard and sacrifice for those they love. It’s likely because I’m engaged, and constantly learning how to more genuinely and deeply act selflessly for someone I’ve made a commitment to. Any form of gratitude or reciprocation shown by the cared-for party means THE WORLD– it brings fulfillment. So this year, I made time to get that little gift, flowers, and card for my mom and my future mom-in-law. And I made it a point to put aside those flaws that us children so willingly hold our moms to, and tell these women how wonderful and beautiful they are. There are certain things that make a person profoundly beautiful, and one of them is investing a tender heart in another human, with no guarantee that any love will be given in return.

Here’s to our moms. And to those who have left us. “She shall be praised” -Proverbs 31:30

<3 Aggy

Make it New!


In case you haven’t noticed / are here for the first time (in which case, hi!), our website looks a little different. The Press’ website has been simplified and made MANAGEABLE. Yes, manageable is the word! Let me explain.

The Postcard Press is what I like to call a petite stationery store. It is run mainly by me, Aggy, with the help of my care bears i.e. fiance and friends. More pertinently, it exists because I am passionate about creating things that delight, things that connect people. Many times running The Press involves strenuous hours of art work, tedious web updating/fixing, and rushed meet-ups with customers. Also, because we are a small bunch, we often cannot go for bulk purchases and thus absorb a lot of cost on things like packaging and postage, as opposed to profiting sizably like larger chain stores. We are a modest little business makes tiny steps forward in growing and expanding.

So all that means, I don’t have the time or capacity to tend to a complex / problematic web interface, or hire a web designer. (I figured this out after months of bewilderment at this thing called technology.) And we will keep things simple so that we can carry on making stuff for you guys. We are small, but we can dream! <3

You may also notice changes in our artistic direction this summer. Although come to think of it, the new rustic themes are somewhat autumnish. But hey, we are Singapore-based so that doesn’t mean anything to us since we know no four seasons! Along with the rustic look, our logo is a tad more whimsical too. And lastly, we are featuring more calligraphy in our designs, because the way words look should make you feel something too.

It’s my hope that TPP can branch out into more custom projects, such as invitations, posters, logos, and the like. If you’re interested, go click on our custom page now and tell me!

So here’s to small businesses fueled by passion and sustained by perseverance! Personally, TPP is an opportunity that I really thank God for. And to every sweet person who has encouraged us with praise and cheers (some of you strangers!) a big warm cuddly thank you to you too. Much love, guys!



Tea and warm socks

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 11.49.39 AM Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 11.49.27 AM


More new designs. These are a continuation of an existing set that’s already for sale. I labeled the set “black shoes” but this time there’s an exception– because on some rainy days we just wanna lounge around in our polka dotted socks without any shoes on, and of course drink hot tea.

Little Joys




Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 3.52.44 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 12.48.57 AM


Just sent these designs (and more) for print. Really loving the Little Joys postcard, especially the way the calligraphy turned out!

Happy Birthday to TPP

Processed with Rookie

It’s been about a year since The Press first started up, and it’s been a blast. Not that I’ve been earning loads of money, but I’ve learnt quite a bit.

Recently I’ve had the privilege of interning at Ethos Books, a wonderful publishing house with heartwarming people. There, I was allowed to work mostly on illustrations and designs for books, publicity stuff, and whatever else was needed. I had a useful and meaningful time exploring the breadth of what I can do with my interests in illustration and literature. And for this I am so grateful. These are people I want to work with for as long as I can. Yes, cling on like a barnacle! Kind and genuine people are precious.

Looking at the path that continues after university is pretty scary just because it’s so unclear to me. But I will be honest and say that I am considering becoming an illustrator, which means that I will work on The Press and other design endeavors full-time. Whenever I think about the future Postcard Press I get so carried away, planning to take on events and make invites, posters, wrapping paper, and other gift stationery– to expand the range of products and services. And I imagine having a family and a home of my own at the same time. These are dreams I have, and I have had many before that didn’t quite work out (vet, speech therapist, the list goes on.)

I still have a year ahead, and during this time I plan to keep building up my portfolio and take things as they come. I guess I’ll just say it here, that if I do manage to become a (reasonably sustained) full-time freelance illustrator, and if I manage to expand The Press in future, that would be a dream come true.




Art Class with Aunt Aggy

I had a really  busy day, not so much because of art class, but because my mom wasn’t feeling well today and I had to do a bunch of things for her, on top of errands for The Press (packing orders, buying stamps, requesting prints) and prepping for art class. But thankfully, I managed. And I like the feeling of a day well used.

Art class was fun! And I’m learning a lot about treating kids individualistically while accomplishing the lesson plan for the day. So it’s a class about teaching for me as well. And it’s fantastic to have the liberty to open and close the lessons in prayer with the children. Image Image 1 Image 2 Image 3


Had a long day last Friday attending Ger’s convocation and having a photoshoot and interview with the Nanyang Chronicle, which is my school paper. Met some really sweet people and had a good time talking about my postcards and notebooks, the inspirations for my shop, etc. I hope I look alright in the pictures! (I felt like my smile was horribly awkward with lip quivers and all.)Image 3 Image 2 Image Image 1


Congratulations Gerlypie!

August Designs

Been trying hard to design August’s cards in advance, since I have a few projects coming up in the next few weeks (giving art classes and a custom event job.) Really excited about one particular set of cards I’ve done! Not that it’s trend-settingly amazing, just that I really like them a lot. I will have to try not to use them all for myself when they get printed and stocked. I used my own film pictures of the weird things I like to shoot, like branches and rocks. They finally proved useful for something. Sneak peak!

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 11.39.07 AM